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Otakon 2005

Been a tad bit dead in this community so I guess this can be considered an attempt to revive it a little.

Who on the community is planning to attend Otakon? It'd certainly be nice to see Kaori Yuki cosplay at the con and I will definitly have my eyes open for any, as usual, to get pictures of. But since the con is pretty huge, it's nice to know beforehand who to look out for.

In particular, who is doing Cain cosplay? I know I've talked with some people on here in the past about the possibility of a Earl/Count Cain gathering but don't know if any of you are still considering it. I think the agreed upon day for it (if it happens) was Sunday.

I know I will be wearing my next Cain outfit on Sunday so I can go to my friend's gothic lolita tea party like I did last year. Since Cain blends in pretty well with that. We will be having that on the outside third floor terrace like we did last year. I had a few other Cain cosplayers with me (another Cain and a Michaela and a Merryweather for a short period of time) at the EGL event but not enough to count as a gathering or anything.

Anyways, I will also have with me a Cle, a Jezebel (if she still goes to the con), and hopefully a Riff with me. But we would really love to have even more with us even if its just for a few pictures.

And if you are cosplaying from any of Kaori Yuki works on any of the days and would like to just say "hi" or anything, I'd be really glad to hang out as well since I don't really have any actual events planned for the con. And at least so I can get pictures of you.
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