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Kurai and Jibril

maplecroix told me about this XD and I just wanted a little information if that was okay ^_^
This got crossposted to angelsanctuary and crimsonrhapsody
Just like before, this is also to pimp out my icon, freshly made today XD

Firstly, I really want to do a Kurai cosplay, but I'm not too sure which one XD (there are so many to choose from). Here's two pictures of what I look like:

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

So, if you have any pictures of Kurai that you like or would like to see someone cosplay, could you please be so kind as to send them to me? XD I have no preference, since I love Kurai (that much XD)

Secondly, I also would like to do lady Gabriel (Jibril) and I was thinking of this picture:
Image hosted by
But I have no idea what the bottom half looks like. A brief description of what you think it looks like or of any other gabby pictures that you like, I would be much oblidged XD.

Thanks ^_^
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