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Since the community has been silent lately...

I decided to make a little noise and post the one Angel Sanctuary photo that survived the bad lighting of Nekocon. (My digital camera does not do well in dim light.)

And while I am posting, I should fill in the little survey everyone else did upon first joining (thank you for adding me to the roster even though I was lurking!):

Name: Rosiel.
Country (/State if in USA): currently living in MD, USA.
Cons planned to attend: Katsucon 2005, Anime Boston 2005, Anime Expo 2005.
Kaori Yuki Characters currently cosplayed or planned to cosplay in the future: Rosiel is the only character I cosplayed, and I have no plans for more, although I have made a Lucifer costume (complete with four black wings), a Katan costume, and a toy Metatron for others.
Links to pictures (If you have any ^^;):

Random Fact: Back when the GBA game came out I had planned to cosplay from Mein Liebe. But now that I saw the anime, I changed my mind. XD

On a related topic, what are everyone's plans for Kaori Yuki related cosplay in 2005? I think I'm all Kaori Yuki'ed out, but I am curious about what I will get to see next year!
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