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I was actually going to post this a while ago but forgot. ^^; At Nekocon this year, I did another Cain costume. A rather simple one based off of this image here.

Here's some pictures from the con:
Attempting the illustration pose
Better view of the full outfit. (I made my wing straps from my Rosiel costume specifically so they could work for this costume.)
Miyu as Jezebel
Cain and Jez
In the last one, we were trying to recreate this illustration. Didn't quite get it right but I still like how it came out. ^^ (I should've brought the image with me when we did it. We were working off of memory alone. x_x;)

And on a completely different note, I'm wondering if anyone else on this community is going to Katsucon? I'll be there and some of my friends and I are cosplaying Angel Sanctuary again. There's actually supposed to be a rather decent sized group but they haven't decided when/where they're meeting yet so not sure if we'll be joining them since I'm pretty sure we're doing our group Saturday morning/early afternoon ish. But yes, always looking for other KY cosplayers that might be going to Katsu. ^^
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