⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋ (dorkodile) wrote in ky_cosplay,
⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋

Astaroth Cosplay

Newbie here~ And I've got photos to share~ Just went on a private photoshoot on Saturday. And here's the photos~! ^_^

(Follow the fake LJ-cut)

If you don't have a login ID, try using this:

Login: alexpark
Password: boba

It should work. ^^ Tell me if it doesn't.

X-posted like bunnies on crack.



Name: Known as majokai on cosplay.com and cosplaylab.com, just recently switched LJ journals to this one.
Country (/State if in USA): Singapore
Cons planned to attend: Well...not any until I actually get myself into Solid America. XD
Kaori Yuki Characters currently cosplayed or planned to cosplay in the future: Cosplayed Rociel and Astaroth. Will try an Astarte sometime soon, I suppose. ^^
Links to pictures (If you have any ^^;): *points above* Oh, and My Cosplay.Com gallery
Random Fact: Er...Am I the only Asian here? ^^"
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