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A good eeeveening to you, from Miss grayhour and I.

We have undertaken the daunting task of appointing a live action cast for Count Cain 8D...

... we later decided it was too daunting to complete on our own, so we are making a contest of it :D ...

Know someone who looks like a Cain character? Post a picture :) ... It can be an actor, a model, you, your friend, or some guy you meet in a back alleyway .... just so long as you think they would really look the part :) (names would also be appreciated if you can get them, even from that guy in the back alleyway)...

And that's not all... there will be PRIZES 8D. We are poor, so prizes will be fanart of a subject of your choice, probably :P ... we make pretty fanart, though ... and no, you don't get to dictate what we draw. JUST TAKE IT BITCHES.

You can view our gallery of appointees thus far here ... or I'll just post them....

Cain ?:

Edward Furlong ?

also this person ...

(We don't know who she is. ;;)

Riff :D ?

This Lukasz guy is the best we've been able to find, and we have looked a lot...

(he looks more like David Bowie than Riff in that one, but ...)

Rifael :D (aka Riff with a cigarette):


so... yeah... there will probably be voting and stuff for the parts, once we get enough entries... (we are thoroughly hoping to get lots of entries... and come on, it's not tough, all you have to do is send us a picture :P, SO DO IT 8D)

You can either post a picture in the comments on this post, or e-mail it to me at ....

Michaela ?:

you can send pictures for absolutely any Cain characters you want ... though you get an extra lot of points if you can find a good Oscar :O ...

The Kaori Yuki fandom needs a big shot of espresso, so... please contribute or ... you'll die unloved and alone 8D. The Eeenddd <3 .

Crossposted to hell and back :)
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