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Kaori Yuki Cosplay

//~Emulate the madness

Kaori Yuki Character Cosplaying
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This community was created so that people cosplaying as Kaori Yuki's characters could form groups for anime conventions (or other).

Upon joining please post your name, state, and whatever characters you cosplay.


Yuumei (gravifuuten) - Massachusetts, USA - Cosplays Cain (multiple outfits) and Lucifer, and probably many others in the future ^^;;;
Claudia (brainmuffin) - Massachusetts, USA - Cosplays Riff, and possibly Kurai or Mad Hatter.
Mara-thing (grayhour) - New Hampshire, USA - Cosplays Maryweather.
Lyn (rose_of_pain) - Maryland, USA - Cosplays Cain, Rosiel, Kaine from Kaine, Kira, and hopefully one day Lucifer
Natalie / MapleCroix (maplecroix) - Ohio, USA - Cosplays Jibrille/Gabriel
Rosiel (_rosiel_) - Maryland, USA - Cosplays Rosiel
Humuloki-sama/Ashlet (hemuloki_sama) - Michigan, USA - Cosplays Owl, Sara and Uriel.
Saria (chibi_saria - Ohio, USA - Cosplays Lucifer
Rosiel (imevilsowhat) - Unknown - Cosplays Rosiel.
Akane (karasuma_akane) - Missouri, USA - Cosplays Katan